Technical Strength

At the beginning of Tai’s formation, Tai established a long-term development strategy of the original innovation, leading blockchain technology innovation, and promoting blockchain industrial development.

We are building the Tai blockchain application system based on the proprietary intellectual property rights, aiming to provide blockchain infrastructure, convenient intermediary tools, and reliable solutions for the various sectors of internet application layer.

Tai Cloud Corporation owns nearly 70 items of technology patents in the fields of blockchain and cloud computing, including 35 items of cloud computing patent, 58 items of blockchain patent (including pending applications), and 23 items of cultural intellectual property.

The Core Technology

1. Tai Superconducting Network (Super-frequency transaction)

In term of global node, we construct concurrent efficient superconducting network system. Each asset can achieve 100 K/s transferring speed without any resistance or losses in the network. Tai Superconducting network consists of several types of specialized network hardware simultaneously, and has the same level throughput and security compared with banks.

2. Tai Smart Contract

Tai Smart Contract is based on the internal module researched by Tai next generation blockchain platform, meeting the criterion of present financial laws and processes of intellectual contract, automatic payment, and commodity delivery. Hence, it improves contract’s executive efficiency, and ensures contract’s reliability and security. Tai Smart Contract also insets famous financial risk management model of the Wall Street in order to apply financial risk management products, which have been widely used at present.

Management Team

Danny Deng, Chairman

He graduated from Qinghua University in 2003 and he has successfully founded several companies, with groundbreaking achievements in the fields of P2P, video, cloud computing, digital currency, and blockchain. In 2013, Mr. Deng was awarded the title of “Cloud Computing Expert” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the member of National Committee of Experts on the Internet Financial Security Technology, expert member of the Blockchain Associated Laboratory Academic Committee of Central University of Finance and Economics, standing committee member and senior expert of Application Innovation Committee of Internet Society of China and many other honors. In 2016, he was rewarded the title of “Fintech Leading People by 20 People”. In 2017, Mr. Di Deng was elected as the Chairman of the Blockchain Application Research Center of China. In the Davos Forum in Switzerland, as the head of the China’s Blockchain Delegation, he participated in the launching and establishment of the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC).

John Ding, CTO

Nanjing University, Bachelor Degree of Astronomy; Dual Master Degree of Computing and Mechanical Engineering in USA. Worked at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Royal Bank of Canada in New York with 16 years Wall-Street working experience. Devoted to IT and Finance works, with in-depth research on a couple of financial fixed income products and financial derivatives. Leaded the research and development on blockchain in Royal Bank of Canada.

Forrest Gan, Vice President/Executive Director of Strategic Research Institute

Doctor’s Degree. And he is specialized in Internet of things, cloud computing, Big Data, blockchain technology and application, the core member of developing Blockchain Test Standards of Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Consortia, The Standards of Trusted Blockchain of CAICT, The Technical Standard of Blockchain’s Security of CNCERT, and the Deputy Group Leader of the new technology pre-research working group and the security technology standardization working group in National Internet Financial Security Technology Alliance (Preparatory).

Jelena Strelnikova, Director of Blockchain Compliance

She holds Master Degree of Law from the University of Latvia; the University of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany, Degree of the European Law; and the Master Degree of Law from China University of Political Science and Law. Comprehensively researched the internet law, international digital currency and legal issues of the blockchain technology and compliance.

Derek Wang,Tai Cloud Technology CEO

Derek Wang, a senior and experienced manager, before Tai Cloud Technology, had worked for Hewlett Packed Enterprise for more than 7 years since 2011. Derek was the DXC EAS Great China General Manager before coming to Tai Cloud Technology, and is a company merged by Hewlett Packed Enterprise and CSC, which is one of biggest world wide IT service provider. In the last working, Derek was honored as “HP ES Distinguish Technical Consultant”, “Horizon Award”, and some other award, for his great contribution to the company and the team of China. With the knowledge of the several industries of Automotive, Retail and High Tech, joining in Tai Cloud Technology, as the CEO of the company, Derek will lead the company’s Blockchain Business to serve for the traditional industry business transfer, which is one of the main development strategy of the Tai Cloud Technology.

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